#acasamia 2017

I decided to create a 2017 calendar inspired by food, beverage and my great friend Walter Martino, known worldwide as “The Million Dollar Chef“, I chose his amazing restaurant, Kaori, in Brickell Miami as it has an innovative and beautiful atmosphere thanks to the whimsical furniture and the high quality video shows he projects on the walls.

I have selected 12 gorgeous models, and I’ve asked them to come to my home ( this is why it’s called #acasamia ). For each one of them I choose something related to food or beverage that would reflects their career and cultural roots.

To share 3 examples among all, I’ve chosen Ines Trocchia, from Naples, Italy, who posed in my kitchen with a typical italian coffee maker. I’ve also selected Francesca Rossi, an actress who played in a very funny italian movie called “Il bianco di Babbudoiu“ who posed with a bunch of grapes (as “Bianco“ is a wine). Elisa Scheffler posed with a big beer stein from Oktoberfest being her half German. Dorota Nowak is the owner of an ice-cream shop and so on for all the 12 models.

The calendar also includes photos showing models together with some innovative dishes of my friend Chef Walter (he designs his new plates with Liliana Botero, niece of Fernando Botero).

Diana Ivancheva, a beautiful bulgarian model and Marina Dainotto, an italian model but now quite popular DJ here in Italy, were shot exibiting the original ceramic shoes and bags that WM uses for serving his creations in his restaurant Kaori by Walter Martino in Brickell Miami.

I am proud that this calendar will be unveiled in 2017 in Walter’s restaurant, Kaori, as part of a big event.